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this cali girl...

started this blog as an outlet to no one in particular. i love Jesus. i'm a wife to an amazing man. mom to two super sweet & precious girls and my baby boy is on his way. 

i thrive on prayer, sunshine, good books [and old bookstores], i photograph literally everything. I cannot even begin to tell you my obsession with vintage teacups [containing sleepytime tea preferably], anything the color of robin's egg/turquoise or green, learning new things, school, office supplies and the container store. Oh, and ikea. I literally get a buzz just walking inside.

i enjoy the beach, the mountains, traveling, lilies, fields of daisies, writing on pretty paper, finding new ways to be green,
art galleries, colorful-pretty things. autumn, scarves, boots and singing.

i am ridiculously ambitious...
and a hard core dreamer.


my bucket list...
--go to jerusalem, israel. do a Jesus tour
--go to greece
--learn to do a mean hula
--locate biological father
--make sure my kids grow up in a happy, healthy, Christ centered family
--do a mission trip
--live in san diego again
--go on a cruise
--take a spectacularly awesome honeymoon with hubby after a vow renewal [whenever we do that]

funny but true videos:


1.Are you mix?
yes i am! i am quarter each of hawaiian, irish, african american and cherokee indian. no. i'm dead serious.

2.What does your name mean?
jane means "God's grace" capri means "whimsical and unpredictable"

3.Are you going to have any more kids?
not sure...it's up to God, so i'm praying on that. funny thing is, before i had kids, i did NOT like kids. i said no more after one, then after two...now..eh. 
UPDATE: I gave birth to our third and final child on March 31st, 2011. I am no longer able to have anymore children due to medical complications. I am happy & blessed with our three! Read about our family/nest here

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