Words that mean something has pretty much rocked my stars:
*rageous or
*jazzed outta my mind
*super geeked
*and yes, i use the word NEATO
*i still use superfantastic but mostly only in verbal convo...not when i write...

Aaaand, when I do something spastic:
*lame-o or lameo

Other words used whenever it flies my fancy:

And even though I'm known for constantly correct everyone's grammar, [just ask my hubby or friends ahah] made up words rock-the-pants-off of blogging. i also [most of the time] don't capitalize the word "i". no clue why. just don't. especially if it's written over and over....i think i feel selfish using the word "i" abundantly. sometimes i don't bother to capitalize anything. [when i'm in an artsy mood haha]

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