Simplify & Organize Your Nest : Part 1

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 |
  I love to organize. It's a complex condition really. I get a natural high walking into stores like The Container Store. I's in the name. is almost too much to bear. I was the weirdo teen that alphabetized the canned goods and VHS tapes [those video viewing things that predate DVD' had to be kind and rewind.]

  Anyways, we moved recently and-WHOA-while packing you really realize how much junk that multiplied like rabbits stuff you have. We have been moving towards a more minimal lifestyle. We want to use less stuff, use less space and live as clutter free as you can with three children. I know. Oxymoron. Tell me about it. But we're trying anyways! 

  We're starting in the kitchen in a new series of Simplify & Organize Your Nest. I started with the Anchor Hocking glass storage jars. We are trying to keep as much plastic out of the house as possible. It's gross. [insert smiley face] These jars were less than $8 a piece at Wal-Mart. I usually avoid Wally World like the plague. I really hate going there. Ours is always crowded or nasty or just a headache. BUT I also love a good deal. So I went with two of three children in tow at 7:45 am on a Thursday. It was borderline blissful. I recommend it. 

  Anyhow, back to the jars...They do not have that food seal, and I have done an absolutely INSANE amount of research for jars & for the price and our use, these work for us. Why? We never keep them full. See photographic evidence of sugar...I *JUST* bought the flour that day, which is the only reason it's full. I bake & cook like a mad woman. There were only two in stock, so I have to wait to buy more but I need one for rice, brown sugar, and confectioners sugar. And a tall jar for pasta.

Then I moved on to the spice drawer. Yes. Drawer. I cannot form the words to match my excitement. In our last place they were in a cabinet and were a mess. At least in the drawer next to the stove they were more accessible to me, being that I am slightly vertically challenged. I took it a step further and removed more plastic by getting two sets of these glass Libbey spice jars. [free two day shipping]

Now it looks like this:
 and this...

seriously. it's a complex. i was practically giggling while filling my glass spice jars. 


Anchor Hocking Webteam said...

We love your post! We love it so much we are linking to it on our Facebook page!

Find more jars at our online store too - (we run sales quite often)

Happy Cooking,
Anchor Hocking Company

Miss Jane said...

Oh YAY! I LOVE SALES! Thanks for the sharing!

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