My Beloved

Sunday, September 4, 2011 |
"I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" 
-Song of Solomon 6:3
seven years ago today, i married my beloved, my best friend. we married young. too young [and we don't recommend that to others] However, it worked for us, but isn't for everyone. since then, i have had the blessing of watching him grow into an amazing man. i watched him accept Christ and become a father [and he's the most incredible father ever to our three littles!] we have fought, cried and laughed together. we've had adventures and rough times and i wouldn't trade ANY of it for riches. 
we grew together & we have made many mistakes learned so much.
Here's to many more uh-ohs life lessons, watching our littles grow and growing ourselves!
"and I thought I loved you then" 
-Brad Paisley

our daughters made us some anniversary presents
i tied the string, but they wrapped it themselves. i did not see them make these: 

they're too sweet!


lou said...

congratulations to you. seven years is a long time and i'm happy to see a young couple walking all this way together. it's really a treasure. and look at those lovely frames. beautiful! wishing you a gazillion more years together!

Miss Jane said...

thank you for your kind words Lou! I think I shall put magnets on the back of those frames! The girls were so proud of them, it was too cute!

lou said...

great idea. and then hang them on the fridge :-)

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