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Friday, August 26, 2011 |
  We moved! We moved out of a trailer into a town home [yes. you may cue the Hallelujah chorus]. It took us seven years of hard work & a couple times being homeless. We got married young and boy did we have some rough times to put it mildly. It couldn't have come any quicker. Our last few days at the old place were spent in 90-some degree heat with humidity maxed out at like a thousand percent. I tell no lies. With three kids it was pretty much like living in a sauna while having the added pleasure of sweating from my neck and knees. Oh yeah. It was sexy.
  We will either be purchasing this town home later OR buy a house in the next year or two. BUT we are allowed to paint, sooOOoo... I am going to make a blog post of the "befores" so that you have something to compare when I do the "afters" mm-kay? [I'm doing this during a Hurricane by the way, cause I like to live on the edge.]
**Ahem. I beg you to remember that I have not unpacked being that we have lived here a grand total of like 5 days. And I have three kids aged 6 years to 4.5 months old...and we had our first East Coast Earthquake...Oh and that Hurricane...and our eldest started at a new school all in the same week.

My favorite thing [among the many] is that I no longer have to work around the strips that are on mobile home walls. Ripping them off and puttying and all that mess...never again. NEVER. 

furniture arrangement in here is awkward, but it's a work in progress. color for walls will either be a soft gray or a muted aqua/turquoise.

Will have wide horizontal stripes. You can't tell but this bathroom is a really nice size for a half bath. Probably taupe and white or something.

Loving the bay window. Building an Ana White Rustic Table soon for it. Whatever of the two living room colors, the Kitchen/Dining will be the other one...

 New Bamboo Utensils LOL. I love them.

My pride wouldn't let me take a photo of the rest of the room. This is the bay window upstairs.

Here is pretty much a hall closet, Rory & Brie's room, Ever's room, and the kids' bath. In that order.

Rory & Brie sharing this room. I have grand plans for it...stay tuned. Oh and the dresser in this photo will be refinished. Both this room and Ever's room are the same size.

Ever's nursery for now. Literally nothing is where it's going to be. It's just tossed in there and out of the way. Nothing unpacked at all...Needs a dresser for his clothes.

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