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Thursday, August 25, 2011 |
  In case you have missed out on the craze, BlaBla Dolls are it! These beautiful, fun and colorfully knitted, stuffed lovies are all over blog land. They proliferate nursery idea boards & even in the background of commercials on tv! Last Christmas, my daughters [6.5 and 4.5 years old now ... yes, halves matter...] asked for the coveted American Girl Dolls [#expensive]. Even though they were pricey, I know that they are much more in line with the types of toys I prefer my girls to play with [uh, Bratz dolls anyone? Ew. No Thanks.] I know that since I bought them I feel a little sucked into the cult-like following and boy do the costs add up on the accessories. I'm a deal hunter but of course quality is also important. They wanted another doll to play with but I gagged decided against the idea of purchasing another couple hundred dollar dolls.
  While perusing the BlaBlaKids website, I found the most amazing things my wallet eyes have ever seen! Eighteen inch BlaBla dolls! Not the animals [which are totally precious in their own right & Everett will be getting one for Christmas] but dolls that you dress up just like American Girl Dolls!!! RIGHT?!? Only they are much more affordable without sacrificing quality. These are beautiful hand knit dolls made extremely well. We have recently adopted [courtesy of BlaBlaKids] Sookie, the black-haired doll and Trixie, the red-haired doll. Lorelai has an obsession with red haired dolls ever since baby brother was born with red hair. They are adorably detailed with cute undies [complete with a little ruffle], a belly button, and sweet facial expressions great for creative play. The best thing about the clothing accessories is that they are easier for my littles to get on their dolls. Often Brie [my four year old] asks for help to dress her American Girl Doll. These are *much* easier to dress as they are, "soft and squishy," in her words. They love to sleep and cuddle with Trixie & Sookie. Also a bonus that those expensive American Girl Doll clothes I was suckered into I bought, also fit these dolls! Win-win! Read more here about how BlaBlaKids got their start and about its amazing company!

[clicky on any photo to view larger!]

**disclaimer: dolls & clothes provided by BlaBlaKids. It in no way swayed my opinion. This is my own opinion. In other words, if I didn't like it, I would let you know. I only support products & companies I believe in and that are in line with my way of life.** that is all.

What's YOUR favorite BlaBla?

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