Six Going on Thirteen...

Thursday, July 7, 2011 |
 Our eldest daughter is six years old going on thirteen. Oh, you have one of those, too? So what is one to do when her daughter's wardrobe is nearly empty due to a growth spurt but she has her own opinions about what she wears? Google.

  Google is my best friend. One of my favorite places to shop for her for affordable, stylish clothes that are AGE APPROPRIATE is Forever 21 Girls. There are other stores I love to get her clothes from, but usually have to wait until tax refund season  it's on sale.

  Here is some her new wardrobe and it cost less than $100 for six or seven tops and six or seven bottoms. I know. This carries her through the summer and some of it is for the fall. That's right. I'm a rockstar shopper.

Rory Bird's favorite is this shirt that says "Homework Hurts Trees" and the flowy Ballet tulle skirt.


Jen said...

What a little model. Too cute! Love those outfits! Just became a follower from Blogfrog, ~ Jen

Miss Jane said...

Welcome!!! It's been a little slow on here lately because I'm working on printables, projects, DIY's and other pretty little fun things for my readers! Thanks for commenting [she is a bit of a ham lol!]

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