America's Birthday Party + A Little Bit of Life

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 |

  I know...don't even say it. EPIC SLACKER ALERT. I totally have been caught up in's been a BLAST! I missed blogging too. I missed you all! Today I really am just going to show you pics from our 4th of July Party. The decorations are from [here] and the flag cake tutorial is [here]
  There are lots of fun stuff coming up for you all. There are going to be FREE printables [think subway art, greeting cards and the like], there will also be more DIY crafts. Excited?! You know you are. I love a fun craft....and I love party decor & I especially love FREE stuff! I might even toss in some more photography tutorials and some of the new recipes I made up recently. My hubby's new favorite thing to hear when he walks in the door in the evening is, "Hunny, I made up a new recipe and I think you're really going to love it!" Because he says I'm right...he DOES love it!

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