Saturday, March 12, 2011 |
....another work in progress! I have wall decor to do and some odds and ends...we took apart the bunk bed. Word to the wise: DO NOT BUY THE BUNK BED FOR UNDER $200 FROM K-MART. The bolts come loose on their OWN and the bed was unstable and unsafe for my daughters to be climbing on. I took them apart and they are better this way BUT, I still have to check for loose bolts. And we put that puppy together with power tools. Just sayin...

anywho. we rent so there's only SO much we can do with the place [buying a house this time next year...that's the master plan lol]. If we owned this place I would rip out that horrific green carpet and put in hardwood floors [actually bamboo or something equally "green" he. hehe. I like being green but prefer my carpet to NOT be green.]

grr....should have remade the little one's bed, but she tried really I RESTRAINED from my perfectionistic tendencies. [and it was really I get a medal or something?!]

BEST thing HANDS DOWN that I have ever bought for the girls: ORGANIZING CUBE STORAGE. 
All the toys are organized and the actually -GASP- enjoy putting their toys away now. I'm serious. It's like gold. I would purchase over and over and over...

trust me it was SCARY.

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