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I have learned a lot this year. Many people reflect at the end of the year. Every year I enjoy looking back, taking stock, realizing what went right, where I messed up and making adjustments for the next year. Obviously as a perfectly imperfect person, there is always room to improve [a LOT of room actually]. It's in looking back to past years that I realize how far I have come and how far we have come as a family. The mystery of the future is bright. I can feel it. Even when it's bleak. Economic hard times have fallen hard the past few months. Gifts this year will only be bought for the children and they will be very few. But teaching them what Christmas is about and teaching them to give is more important. 

brie bird
As I look at the joyful face of my youngest daughter I realize how much she's changed, grown and what kind of person she is already becoming. "Brie Bird" is the most joyous, happy, giggly, fun-loving girl I have ever had the joy of being around. She is just like her father who is also a carefree kind of spirit...I could sure learn a LOT more from him! When "Brie Bird" was a baby, I called her "sunshine" because of her joy! As I think I am teaching her, she teaches me...reminds me to remember JOY. The kind of joy the fills your soul and everything is good. How she manages this level of daily joy is a mystery to me. It's like Jesus shining through. My goal with her is to make sure I don't dampen her spirit. She makes everyone laugh and I should be more allowing of her giddiness. It's who she is. She's a performer!

rory bird
Our eldest daughter "Rory Bird" is just like me. Just like I was at that age anyhow. She's a people pleaser, sensitive and wants to do her best always. She hates to disappoint and I know that because that's how I was at her age, I need to do a better job with gentle instruction. She responds to my mood also. So I need to be careful of enmeshment. I suffered almost my entire life [starting at age 7] with anorexia and bulimia. It controlled me, my sister, my mom...it's like it's genetic [there are studies that prove that]. So my goal with her is to make sure that she knows she is loved, valued and a priceless gem to this family. That she's a worthwhile person. Deserving of unconditional love.  She's into athletics and dance. I'll put her in figure skating next spring. And I can't forget GIRL SCOUTS! She'll love the memories and friendships she makes in girl scouts!

my beloved & i
my lovie bird
At the risk of sounding incredibly mushy, I cannot help but speak awe-inspired words of my husband. I fear there are not enough of this type of man in the world. My prayer is that everyone could have a soul mate that makes them feel so loved it brings tears. He warms my heart, fills my soul. My absolute helper. He's the opposite of me in personality but just like me in other ways. I could not have been given a better friend. I have been extremely sick this year and he never faltered. I wish he hadn't had to have been so strong. But he did so without complaint, with courage, and true love. He is always understanding and his patience would blow your mind. I am NOT a patient person [working on it] but he teaches me everyday how to be a better person. And he's taught me these past six years how to love myself the way I am. Something I have never done before. He's, simply put, amazing. "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine."-Song of Solomon 6:3 

I have learned to love more deeply, Pray a lot more, and to trust my future to the Lord. I have no control. My life is not my own. I am a vessel for the Lord. Let go, Let God. Don't be so serious, worried or frantic. Slow down. Love with every fiber inside of me. Take care of the ones I love. Smile. 

What have you learned this year? Feel free to link & comment below.


Chic Mamá said...

This is so sweet!

These are great things to teach your birdies. =)

With a lovable mommy like yourself i'm sure they'll be amazing people as they get older!

I, too have learned to pray more, love with all i have and be thankful for every little good thing everyday.

Life is only as good as you make it. =)

Stef said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us.

This year the main lesson I've learned has been to never take one second for granted. I almost lost my husband a few months back to a horrible accident, we've gone from poor to POOR, we've struggled and fought to stay on top and not let it drag us down - yet every time I hear my daughter giggling at one of his bedtime stories, or feel my unborn baby kick, I know I wouldn't change a thing. Sometimes the struggles make the special moments even sweeter.

Lil' Miss Sunshine said...

@Chic Mama: Thanks for stopping by! I hope my children grow up to be inspiring people that love others and are caring and helpful [in other words just like my hubby! lol] It's hard to remember to pray more in the day to day, when things are hard and we're so busy. I think it's amazing that you're in tune with that! True, life is only as good as you make it...we can be so oblivious to that! Thanks again!

@Stef: I can totally relate to the POOR. We didn't start getting affected financially until one month AFTER I got pregnant. I am a natural worrier. It's practically a talent. I can relate to you though. I hate the feeling of trying to stay afloat....yet with a child's giggle, smile and oblivion to the stress I also realize these are the moments. We've been in much rougher patches that I thought we would NEVER get out of. But we did, by the Grace of God. My pastor said that we are always in one of these stages: *Getting ready to go through a storm
*Just getting out of a storm
*In a storm.

oh how true.

Chic Mamá said...

I'm glad I've "met" another sweet soul. =)

We must raise our children to be inspiring people like you mentioned, that's how the world still has good in it.

Chic Mamá said...

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