Monday, December 20, 2010 |
alive and well and shown by the kindness and giving nature of strangers to help others in need. today i'm sick so it's short and sweet. i'm sharing a blog post i heard about and it absolutely brought me to's hard to explain, just read it all the way through the updates....absolutely the most amazing blog thing to catch on fire for a good cause!

Have a Very Merry & Blessed Christmas


Adrienne said...

I found on you on the SITS blog frog community. Beautiful blog! Hope you're feeling better! :)

Ashley said...

Wow, that is amazing! It is nice to see people loving each other, even those they don't know. That really is what Christmas is about. Loved it.

Found your link through SITS. I plan on adding you to my blogroll, I think we are really similar and I can't wait to keep up with you!

Leanna Kelly-ann Karamath said...

Hi I really adore your blog!

Hope you'll follow back :D

Have a great New year holiday

Stef said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing.

Missed you lately, hope you're recovering from the holiday chaos.

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