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Wednesday, November 24, 2010 |
It's enough to scare the paint off the walls. Well...that would have been helpful if the old paint HAD in fact been scared off of the walls! Instead we puttied, patched, primed and painted until our hands and backs wanted to give out. BUT the new crisp clean look of the girl's room was so worth it. We couldn't start on baby bird's nursery until we put the girls in the same room. To put them in the same room we had to completely give it a face lift [we're talking MAJOR plastic surgery here]


we're not done yet, but this was the big part. i still have to pick up a cube organizing shelf [that will double as window seat in front of double windows]

 The nightstand has to be sanded and painted...

This is the same wall color going in baby bird's nursery:

Got What Where?
*bunk bed [kmart on sale]
*bedding: comforter, sham, sheets [target]
*fuzzy round throw pillows [walmart]
*paint: valspar mystic sea 5007-7A [lowes

Still To Add?

1 & 2. figure skating wall decals [royal expressions design] getting a few different ones
3. closet maid cube organizing shelf [it's a GREAT size and will be laid on it's side to be a window seat also] [target]
4. four closetmaid cube fabric drawers 2 in purple & 2 in light blue [target]
5. figure skating clock [cafepress]:
6. t-shirt shaggy white rug [target]
7. this is an inspiration of what i'm going to do. behind the girls bunk bed is an awkward 4 inch gap. I'm going to hang a curtain rod to the ceiling, hang a sheer curtain over it and drape white christmas lights behind it.
8. white peg shelves [wherever i find the cheapest]
9. crosley corsair cd/radio player: santa is bringing this for Christmas [overstock]

That's pretty much it, except for some shelves and what-nots. It will probably be done sometime in the spring...I will post update photos when it's all done!!!

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