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today's top ten is going to be the scents and sights of Christmas that make my heart smile. the ones that positively warm me up from the inside out. feel free to share the scents that bring back warm memories of your own!

by ~DreAminginDigITal
1. wood burning in a fireplace. sigh. it's pretty to look at, pretty to sit by, and so nice to smell. 
2. scent of pine. as in Christmas tree...or a pine wreath.
3. pumpkin spice candles. it's divine really. i buy a set of these every year.
4. fresh baked cookies or fresh, hot, steaming apple pie
5. decorated houses. we drive around every year with the girls in the car and the squeals from the backseat make it SO worth it.
6. a honey glazed ham cooking in the oven. i am new to the world of ham. my lovie-bird [hubby] loves it, so last year i tried it...YUM.
7. hot cocoa. with tons of marshmallows. mmmm...
8. waiting in line to meet santa for an hour and then my youngest screaming her head off. haha! it might make some have a nervous breakdown, but it's so funny. last two years photos with santa have my baby girl screaming. i tell them ahead of time to just snap the picture without trying to get her to smile. the result is that she giggles at herself in the pictures!
9. the look of pure joy on our daughters faces when they see that santa came and toys are everywhere! we leave a small trail of soot [with boot footprints] and it makes them SO GIDDY!
10. cuddling up with my loves: hubby & our baby birds to watch a Christmas special [always with cocoa] 

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wow that's gorgeous

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