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Friday, November 26, 2010 |
baby bird is named! his name, we are proud to say, is Oliver Nate! wooo!!! we got negative reception from one family member yesterday at thanksgiving lunch ,[-_-],  but we are not deterred. no, he's not named after someone in the family. he doesn't have to be. we already passed down a name from my husband's side to our first born and we LOVE her name as well! it's our baby, so we get to choose. so to those of you who DO end up telling someone your baby's name and are met with an opinion not asked for, IGNORE it. and keep on skipping. ^_^
the name suits him, and we just can't wait to wrap our arms around baby Oliver Nate. [Ollie Bird haha!]


Anonymous said...

Beautiful name and congratulations again on the baby boy!

Lil' Miss Sunshine said...

Thank you!

Stef said...

Love it!!! We are going with Harper Faith. For the most part, our family and friends love the name. One person doesn't like it, however. I told him, next time HE has a baby, he can name it whatever he wants! hehe. I agree, if you guys love it, stick with it.

Thanks for commenting on my bloggage!

Lil' Miss Sunshine said...

OH i LOVE the name Harper! and it sounds SO PRETTY with Faith as a middle name! just beautiful! and thank you! we had originally planned on not telling ANYone the baby's name because of what happened with our last baby lol. her name was Maile Danae [until she was born] my mother in law HATED the name Maile [two syllables: MI-LEE] yet she INTENTIONALLY kept mispronouncing i changed it. I should NOT have done that. it was part of my hawaiian heritage and i'm sad about not passing that down to her, but i've learned to not let other opinions influence my own. it's the differing opinions that make us all interesting. [what's worse is we don't even speak to her because she went all racist and referred to me and our daughters by the "N" word. yeah.]

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