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by far the most natural makeup on the market. free of many of the synthetic preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, petro-chemicals, synthetic dyes and fillers found in traditional cosmetics. regular use actually made my skin LOOK better even without wearing it. it's like there are healing properties in it. SRSLY. this makeup is more than legit. [no. i am not getting paid. that's my honest opinion] it's pricey, but what i learned from use is that it was worth every stinkin dollar. yep.

one of my two favorite skin toners. witch hazel doesn't smell great but the scent fades quickly. it's also incredibly cost efficient in that you get a bunches of toner for a little bit of change.

does an awesome job getting the makeup off my face. even the waterproof eyeliner and such. i always recommend following up with a full regimen but on those nights when you can barely make it to bed before you pass out in exhaustion...this will do. [mommies and college students rejoice everywhere]

my "holy grail" lip gloss. it's not sticky. at all. i'm so serious. it's smooth and is actually healing. why? because of the argan oil in it. what's argan oil? [click on the linky] it's also referred to as liquid gold because it's amazing on anything you put it on: hair, lips, skin. UH-MAY-ZING.
just a teensie drop of this "liquid gold" [aka: argan oil] infused healing oil will transform your hair. it does mine anyhow [ima mix girl] it also has oil from macadamia nuts. this stuff healed the mess out of my fried ends.

[six, seven & eight] l'anza products:
i am sooo glad i came across these products. again natural, non-animal tested products.[from left to right] l'anza hair repair reconstructor: it smells like bananas. i mean i wish i could eat this. [oh & don't do that]. it's extremely nourishing and makes my hair smell so YUM. the l'anza neem plant silk serum: this causes no buildup, makes my hair feel like satin [a feat for mix girl hair] and smells good...kinda like cookies. finally, the l'anza mint revitalizer: it's great for stimulating hair growth [if growing long hair is your goal...it's mine], it tingles your scalp. i don't use it as a conditioner, i use if before i shampoo in the shower.

there are a few chapsticks i like but this one takes the cake most of the time. it's my favorite. it's wider than the usual chapstick, it's very very moisturizing and slick, not sticky at all. they make awesomesauce lotion also so that's not a surprise!

i have seen this be hit and miss for some people but i took a chance this summer and tried it. maybe they changed it but i will never go another summer or event without it. i realize it sounds RIDICULOUS. leg makeup?!? really?!? yes. yes. the best way for me to apply was to spray in sections and rub really fast on my legs. when you're all covered, wash your hands with soap. make sure you buy the right color [i purchased off the internet and lucked out with the correct color]. also, it looks orange at first. LET.IT.DRY. it was my exact mix girl skin color [the one i purchased] if you're fairer, you can look more naturally tan. it's great STUFF!!!

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