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Saturday, August 7, 2010 |
While on my vacay to [home] San Diego back in June, my grandmother made the yummiest, incredible california bruschetta EVER. So of course when i got back i wanted to recreate it....i tweaked it a bit. there are hundreds of bruschetta recipes out there but i promise this one will make your taste buds dance!

Some of the photos i took with my baby [canon 40d] and the first photo and last photo i took with my cell phone! i forgot a few shots in there because i was excited about EATING it!

It's nice and simple, I promise!

What you need:
*EVOO [extra virgin olive oil]
*French Bread [either pre-sliced or whole]
*Fresh Basil [the kind in a jar will NOT me]
*Ripe Avocados [it's kinda NOT use hard, unripened will not me]
*Salt [to taste]
*Roma Tomatoes
*Fresh Cilantro
*Chopped Garlic [the kind in a jar is fine! or fresh cut...NOT powder]

1. Slice Roma Tomatoes in half and take a spoon and "CLEAN" out the inside. NO seeds or inners, so you're left with pretty much a shell of a tomato..a tomato bowl lol
2. Chop Tomatoes into choppy bits. Add a dash of EVOO, Garlic [however much you like....i use a tablespoon and a half], Chopped up Cilantro, Jagged Chopped Fresh Basil
3. Cover tomato mixture/topping and put into the fridge to chill for one HOUR at least. It mingles the flavors...

4. While that is chilling take a knife and slice the avocado in half [cutting around the'll feel it]
5. Spoon anything that need to come out of the middle out including the seed.
6. SCORE the Avocado [click "score" for illustration] Scoop it out with a spoon into a bowl
7. Mash with a fork to a paste like consistency. It's ok to be a little lumpy. Add salt to taste.

8. Take sliced French Bread and brush on EVOO. 
9. Bake at 350F for approximately 10 minutes or until crispy and golden.
10. Remove Tomato topping mixture from fridge. Paste on Avocado mixture with a butter knife. Spoon on the HEAVENLY smelling tomato mixture. 


Have any variations? Added Parmesan Cheese? Leave a link to your own recipe or leave it in the comments below!!! love welcome! 

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lou said...

omg. this looks fantastic. i've made bruschetta before but never together with avocado. that's such a healthy treat. unfortunately i've been put on a "diet" to check what makes my stomach hurt and wheat and oil is not on my "good food" list right now. but i look forward trying this recipe as soon as i'm ok again!

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