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it's official. we found out last friday that baby bird is on his or her way. this happened MUCH quicker than we thought! but we are happy, excited and feel blessed. during my pregnancies with my daughters, the typical pregnancy symptoms came around month 4 or 5. i am 1 month in and between the nausea, heartburn, round ligament stretching, cramping, extreme exhaustion and butt is getting kicked. oh and when i say extreme exhaustion, what i mean is i am barely conscious doing the most mundane of tasks. at least a functioning level would be nice.

sooooo, as i was sitting down to watch a Disney movie with my girls, i looked at my "kit" i gathered to settle in for the next 1.5 hrs....or until i get up every 15 minutes having to pee. i figure that since this is my THIRD time in this rodeo i would make a survival kit for those of you currently serving in a pregnancy trimester...

here is my survival kit. find it's humor and stock up:

Ahh...The beauty of Pregnancy....sometimes. Sometimes it doesn't quite feel beautiful when your body is no longer your own and going through the ringer. Whether this is your first, third or nineteenth pregnancy [those Duggars are incredible], there are some things you're going to be needing to get you through with your sanity in tact! 

*Tums Sooth Dissolves in Tropical Smoothies. [assorted fruit is okay, I like lemon but it was a shocker after eating a cherry.] BEFORE eating any, realize that you cannot/should not consume more than ten in a twenty-four hour period. I say this because, if you are not experiencing heart burn as of yet, 10 in a twenty-four hour period sounds like a lot....that is until there's an ERUPTING VOLCANO OF DEATH in your chest. I know there are things that work better, faster, last longer...but these things are GOOD. [which is another reason to note that there's a daily dose limit to these babies.]

*Water. I prefer tap in a water bottle. It's free. but if I'm feeling fancy, I'll get Smart Water. Why??? Because, the writing on the bottle is hysterical. Water is so important while pregnant. It's what your baby is surrounded by. Dehydration during pregnancy can make you more uncomfortable than you are. It can cause headaches, nausea, cramps, dizziness, worse constipation, and even preterm labor by triggering contractions. Water can also aid in heartburn and indigestion relief caused by your slower digestion rate. 

*Camis. I have always loved long layering tanks/camis. I lived in them while pregnant with each of my two girls. Baby number 3 is on his or her way and I am loving them again! You can layer them, work out in them and sleep in them. Has to be the most essential single piece of clothing ever designed. [So obviously a woman designed it!] Some maternity stores charge the equivalent of a couple limbs per cami. You can find them comfy and reasonably priced HERE

*Boots Wonderbalm. This is actually one of my favorite things. It's Boots brand Mediterranean Olive Almond & Sage Wonderbalm. It's for everything: dry elbows, knees, hands, lips. I exfoliate my lips and then put this stuff on. M-A-G-I-C. oh and it's affordable. You can also find this in the BOOTS makeup section at Target. I love almost everything in their line. Magic for a low price.

*Ginger Ale and Club Crackers. or Sprite, 7UP, Saltines and/or ginger candy. You can find these at your local grocery store. Ginger candy can also be found online if you live in a town like mine [read=it's small, we have nothing but basics]. I really don't like soda. Only time I consume it is during pregnancy for the most part. It works.

*Prenatal Workout DVDs are your friend. Just embrace it. Especially if you don't like to workout in public or can't make it to the gym or you look ridiculous trying to sweat it out. It's okay. I do too. BUT you are preparing for the marathon of your life. It can be VERY overwhelming because there are literally hundreds! 

Here are some I think pretty much rock: Element Prenatal  & Postnatal Yoga and MommyShape Prenatal Complete. Why you'll like these: Element is very calming. The music isn't annoying, the voice isn't annoying, and my three year old sat quietly watching me do this. [She is NOT a quiet child by any stretch of the word. Truly remarkable] I think that this is easy to follow but I have also done Yoga for years. Might get tricky later in pregnancy, which leads me to MommyShape. This is your all inclusive. There's a warm-up, sculpt & stretch, dance sequence, yoga & relaxation, and a cool down. And you can do what ever part you want when you feel like it. There are different levels [beginner, intermediate, advanced] It's a custom workout. Apparently there are awesome reviews for this thing as a non-pregnant-fitness-lifesaver! So I expect to get tons of use out of it.

  Video Previews:
        Element Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga                 MommyShape Prenatal Complete

*China Glaze Re-fresh Mint Nail Polish [or YOUR favorite!]. This one is my absolute favorite nail polish of all time. It's like the PERFECT vintagey shade! Of course any shade that you love works perfectly too! My hubby has always painted my toes while pregnant. It's fun, and he looks so sweet painting them too! 

*Rapid Release Tylenol. Headaches, backaches, and any other -ache. One of the few safe over the counter meds you can safely take.

*Pregnancy reading material that won't scare the living life out of you. If a family member tries to tell you their horrific labor story, worthy of an Academy for best Horror Flick, kindly ask them not to share until your beloved child is born. And people try. Some prenatal reading material can be the same way. A magazine I love to pick up at Barnes & Noble is Fit Pregnancy. It's motivating. A good pregnancy read I came across is: Hands Off My Belly: The Pregnant Woman's Survival Guide to Myths, Mothers, and Moods. Of course, a good Nicholas Sparks book works also [though beware the overflow of hormones that make you cry easier now!] You will need lots of tissues during the emotional roller coaster. 

*Some type of belly cream. Don't knock this. I gained 65lbs with my first pregnancy [I was thin before hand...haven't seen a size 1 since] and I used a belly cream EVERY single day on my belly, breasts and thighs. I had not ONE stretch mark. For some reason I didn't use a belly cream with my second, only gained 15 lbs and I have a roadmap to prove it. USE belly cream. I'm so serious. My favs are: Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve and Skin Nutrition which is also good for existing stretch marks/scars. Also, old fashioned Cocoa Butter or Vitamin E oil are timeless and work.

*Fashionable, Comfy Shoes. ie: FLATS. I refuse to forgo fashion while pregnant...soooo, thank goodness there's ballet flats! Add some inserts for added comfortability. Order a half size up if on the internet to allow for inserts and possible swelling that occurs in pregnancy.

*A Couple Supportive Bras. Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean it has to mean ugly and uncomfortable! I would choose a normal looking bra that doubles as a nursing bra if you plan on breast feeding. And a sports bra type for yoga, exercising and binding sore/tender breasts.

*Vitamins. We all know that we are supposed to take our Prenatals on the daily for the benefits and health of ourselves and our precious cargo. The folic acid in them are so important to your baby [or babies!] BUT not everyone is able to stomach some prenatals on the market or the iron is too high [making constipation more of a problem] ALWAYS talk to your doctor about it. I had to this go around and my doctor told me taking Flintstone Vitamins until I'm able to regain control of my morning sickness was perfectly fine!

Hold on, and remember "this too shall pass". I say that a lot lately! Also, putting these things together for a pregnant friend or family member in a cute basket is just a wonderful way to show your understanding care!


Mrs A said...

the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy is my favorite preggo book.
Yoga pants have been my savior. they're nice enough to be seen in public sometimes, but they're really comfy, better than pj's.
Sports bras.

Lil' Miss Sunshine said...

I suppose I should check out that book! I keep hearing about it! I really loved Belly Laughs. Yoga Pants are the radness. SO SUPER comfy. and sports bras for sure! I just started wearing mine exclusively again ahah! thanks for your comment!

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