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Thursday, August 5, 2010 |
Ok so today I'm feeling especially nauseated...and crampy round ligament pain, heartburn [followed by a Tums smooth dissolves cocktail] this bloggy is short and sweet today. Doctor said to take it easy today so I browsed the net while the little birdies took a nap...

I was wondering what kind of celebration to throw for baby bird. We had the customary "baby shower" with our first baby bird. I vowed that with that amount of pain, a second child was definitely out of the question! ... so ten months later when I was preggo with baby bird #2...haha, we had already gotten rid of everything baby that we had. So we had another baby shower! I'm thinking of doing something a little different for baby bird #3.

A belly blessing/blessingway/mother blessing is an alternative to the typical "baby shower". It sounded rad, until i read about it. It seems a little out there for me...and not too inline with my Faith. Though I think I would greatly love to Henna-up my belly! [fun factoid? I used to be a Henna Artist every year at a cultural fair in Raleigh, NC!]

So then I searched a bit more and came across some other fun ideas: Baby Naming Ceremony [wowza. that sounds fun AND official!] and a Baby Sprinkle. A baby sprinkle apparently is like a baby shower only smaller for sequential children.  I thought about doing just a gathering of friends and such...not sure what to "title" it.

Any ideas?! Opinions?! Leave them below.

Whatever kind of celebration we do, the cake below will be involved. I will make it myself!!! I will write something other than congratulations. A scripture, baby's name? might wait until the baby is born before we announce his or her name! Which is from: The Sugar Syndicate, and redone by Cake...or Death? and she made it LEMON & RASPBERRY!!! i love those flavors...together on a cake...Heaven.

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