Wednesday, July 14, 2010 |
Oh, It's been quite awhile, but OH I have found some delicious gems. They are all from ETSY. Legit. SERIOUSLY. Etsy pretty much rocks my stars!

From Land Piranha Vintage on SO CUTE! Don't kid yourself, Autumn is not that far away. Our eldest daughter starts school next month. Get a jump and pick up fall attire while summer stuff is still the hotness. This jacket is super priced...and it screams vintagechic!

Set of Two Shabby Chic Gold Frames from Time For Treasures on UM. LOVE MUCH?!? I am in love with vintagey frames. These are priced awesome and they ooze darling vintage character!

"The Bright Side" Print by Studio Mela on It was hard to choose just one to showcase. ALL of the prints are so darling. Personality?!? CHECK. These prints are Personality show stoppers! I want them all. no i'm serious. ALL of them. yes.

Those are my triple Etsy goodness for today!

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