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Thursday, June 3, 2010 |

I have to get a bike from huffy. Their new line of cruisers and especially the panama jack line are spiffalicious. I'm serious. They're that awesomesauce. Some retro bikes are pretty expensive...costing in excess of $250+  So these are a great alternative.

It all started this past weekend while the hubby, kids and I were insane enough to head to walmart on a HOLIDAY weekend. yeah. we're crazy like that. I was walking past the toy section and saw these bikes in the middle of the aisle. I looked like a psychopath racing towards their retro looking goodness while squealing, "OMIGOSH!!! baby I REALLY want one of these!!!" people stared, children dove out of my way. I was a mess over this bike....then I get home and realize...THERE'S MORE!

My Favorites:
The One that started it ALL:
The Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser $84 @ Walmart.
It's minty green with off white trim. tell me that is not a totally delicious bike.

Then there's the Panama Jack one I loveee. There are two color combinations...I prefer this one because it's yellow & blue! This one is $139 from walmart.  
Huffy is having a contest on its Facebook. [clicking that linkage will take you to enter!] it's fast and free to enter and NO i do not get paid by huffy, i just am in LOVE with their new/old bikes! I totally entered! Riding bikes is cool again ahah!
xoxo, natasha

aka sunshinecaligirl


Sarah said...

I just purchased one of the Panama Jack bicycles earlier this week! Even though I'm a girl, there was something about the color scheme of the men's bicycle that rendered me speechless. : )

Lil' Miss Sunshine said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, I just bought a panama jack. The one you really love and I went ahead and bought a wicker basket for the front part of it. My husband and I already went on teo rides. He got the black panama jack... I thought you would appreciate it! Stay Blessed!

Lil' Miss Sunshine said...

OH cool! I totally am still in love with these! I adore the old school factor...where did you get the basket for it?

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