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Friday, June 11, 2010 |
<---i love this picture. take a moment to admire. that's how i would like to pack. i love books.....done? mkay. sooooo i leave for my beloved san diego tonight in the middle of the night [so technically saturday but i figure a new day doesn't start until i go to sleep. things get confusing when i stay up for two days at a time.]
i feel guilty for going on this trip. how awesomesauce is it that my hubby felt compelled to send me on my first vaca since.....since i moved to YEARS ago. i came home for a summer visit from college... then BAM! [like emeril] i fall in love, get married, have two children and it's been nearly a DECADE. holy moly! am i really almost 30?!?! eh. I'm 26 now. i crossed over the mid-20s threshold. but thirty is the new 20 right?! RIGHT?!?! HELLLOOOO?!?! anybody...? sniff sniff...

"All my bags are packed...i'm ready to go..." I wish my suitcase looked like the one in the picture above...and that all i had to pack was books [plus a cell phone/ipod] and had the kind of fundage to buy everything i need there...including a trunk to load my new travel stuff into! wow. that really would be neato. a room full of antique trunks, stamped with the country i visited and my walls covered with travel trinkets and treasures...

ok, out of the daydream.

Anywhosit, i figured i would do a top 10 places i want to travel to. I have lived in Pakistan as a teen [and LOVED made me love America...or let's say APPRECIATE] So the Middle East pre-super-uber-dangerous is checked off the list! I grew up as a Muslim. I'm a Christian now but I grew up fully immersed in the lifestyle of BOTH Pakistani and later Indian culture. So that's really fully covered. Though I would like to go to India eventually.

okay, let's count backwards for fun. maybe next time it will be in french...
these are seriously in no particular order. Just as i think of them.

[10] Jerusalem, Israel: I have to have to go on a Jesus tour one time in my life. [ going on the bucket list] I think it would be such an amazing spiritual journey! This is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The site of  where Jesus was Crucified and Resurrected

 [9] Marrakesh, Morocco: Are you kidding me?! This place is amazing. The hottest fashions today are mimicked by the designs of Morocco! And I think I'm going to have to attempt to hunt down this store...because it's both mesmerizing and radtastical. legit. seriously.

 [8] Bali, Indonesia: Why? I'll be for real. Because the beds look like this. I mean come on! I wish I could bring one back on a plane! Ok-OK, I want to see the exoticness that is Bali. 

 [7] Copenhagen, Denmark: ever since I saw THIS episode of Oprah [or read this all pages of this show overview HERE], I just knew I had to visit. It's got to be the safest place in the World. People leave their BABIES in their PRIMS [carriages/strollers] OUTSIDE when they go inside a store [they can see them from the windows] or have a coffee! And no one TAKES the kids?!?! Now THAT is epic-rageous.

 [6] Paris, France: I want to photograph the most legit, adorable pâtisserie & boulangerie [pretty much pastries & breads!] Made fresh everyday...aahhhh the scent I can practically taste! PLUS Je pourrai finalement employer tout mon français!

[5] London, England: Because I've just always wanted to go. And I want to come back with an British Accent. Absolutely. And the idea of tea time should be something we all do in America because it's awesomesauce. I mean obviously. I LOVE TEA! OOO and I want to ride a double decker bus. I mean I HAVE been on a double decker....but it was touring the San Deigo Zoo [still cool right?!?] And not uh...London. yeah. 

[4] Italy: Anywhere in Italy will pretty much do. I want to wander cobble alleys. I'm a daydreamer [professionally...obviously] I heard Venice stinks like fish. Do i care?!?! Not one iota. I must take in my surroundings by gondola. 

[3] Ireland: for some reason everytime I say "Ireland" I say it like I was born there..."ARELAND" ahha! Ima dork. I know. No need to hurt my delicate feelings by saying so. We'll steer clear of North Ireland. Quarter of my heritage is Irish. [McAllister] 

[2] Greece: Well, my mom has been here. She was almost ARRESTED as a teen for picking up a "rock" at the Acropolis. She thought it was a rock and picked it up to inspect. a bunch of angry guards came running at her: a 5'3''-BARELY 90lbs soaking wet-red headed-"dumb"-American. Seriously. Ya can't make this stuff up. Word to the wise: if it's on the ground...leave it be. 

[1] Spain: I dunno. It's Spain. Archways, and colorful things to look at...well all the countries I pick have colorful things to look at. I am a i'm driven by things like color, texture, culture, and different views. I want to find this alley. Like for real. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour! sorta? What are your top 10 countries you want to travel to? Or places that you've been to and loved. OH or if you have some suggestions of fun things to do in any of the countries I listed, FOR SURE lemme know!


Bri said...

hmm you pretty much named my current list of places to visit! I guess for now I would just add Brazil to my list. Oh and Iceland! : )

Lil' Miss Sunshine said...

ahhaha! those two are on my list...hard to narrow down to 10...i want to see EVERYTHING ahah! Iceland sounds rad!


Hi there! New to your blog. Love this post of places you'd love to visit. I saw that Oprah episode where she interviewed women in Denmark and like you, I was totally taken back at how life is lived there...with so much less worry. All of the pictures that you posted under the places you'd like to go to, make me want to go there as well! I've been to Italy....LOVED IT. As in....LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it!! My heart yearns to own a house there!!

PS - I read your short bio on the left side of your blog, under your picture, and love - and totally agree with - what you said: " i am a Christ-follower. i do not follow a "religion". i have a relationship with my creator."

On another note...I have a 6 month old daughter and just love being a mommy, as I'm sure you do too!

Happy summer to you and your family!


Dare I add another PS?! - I'm also a "Cali Girl" ...born and raised there. Moved to Atlanta a few years ago. Oh how I miss the food, the beach and the sunsets!

Lil' Miss Sunshine said...

Aweee! thanks for the comments! i am a [PS] person also ahah! I actually lived in Atlanta for 4 years as a kiddo! or-er-HOTlanta!

I bet Italy was just AMAZZZING!

Woot to Cali Girls and WOOT WOOT to Christ-Followers!!!

PS. lol. your daughter is SOOOO CUUUUTE! and i especially LOVE her name! Love your blog! I totally added your linkage-button to my "places I adore" ... because i just got sucked into your blog!!! might hang there for a few hours....hehe

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